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‘Ink Art & New Music’ Creative Exchange Project


‘Ink Art and New Music’ Creative Exchange Project
Composing for Mixed Ensemble of Chinese and Western Instruments

In collaboration with the Bard College Conservatory of Music, New York, and M+, Hong Kong, this creative exchange project aims to explore the aesthetic commonality and discover the innovative potential of Ink Art and New Music. Through lectures, mentorships, commissions, and performances, this multi-phase series hopes to connect creative, knowledgeable, and curious minds and encourage meaningful conversations and new compositions.

The project will begin in September 2021 with four virtual lectures, conducted in a masterclass style, on composing for mixed ensembles inspired by ink art. Dr. Lesley Ma (M+, Hong Kong), Dr. Yeung-ping Chen (South China Normal University), Prof. Chan Hing-yan (HKU), and Dr. Yiwen Shen (The Tianjin Juilliard School) will each deliver a lecture to their mentees, the four outstanding composition students selected from Bard and HKU. Members of the public are invited to attend the virtual lectures alongside the mentees.

(There will be academic symposiums in the second phase, and culminating concerts in the third phase when newly created musical works will receive their world premieres given by Bard’s Student Ensemble of Chinese and Western instruments. More details to be announced in Spring 2022.)




Virtual Lecture I: 13 SEP 2021 | MON | 8:30PM
Introduction to Ink Art through the Lens of M+, Hong Kong

Virtual Lecture II: 20 SEP 2021 | MON | 8:30PM
Development of Mixed Ensemble Music

Virtual Lecture III: 12 OCT 2021 | TUE | 8:30PM
Traditions as Constraints or Resources?

Virtual Lecture IV: 19 OCT 2021 | TUE | 8:30PM
Conversations Between the Western and Chinese Instruments in Selected Works

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