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Bach’s Complete Well-Tempered Clavier at HKU


Complete Well-Tempered Clavier by Angela Hewitt

A truly compelling work whose historical significance is often compared to the composer’s Goldberg Variations, The Well-Tempered Clavier has laid the backbone of classical chromaticism, revealing the full-colour spectrum of all the 24 keys. Various schools of composers have religiously studied and drawn inspiration from the preludes and fugues, so have generations of keyboardists who performed and recorded the set. Amongst them is Canadian pianist Angela Hewitt, described by Gramophone as “today’s finest exponent of Bach’s keyboard music”.

Four years after her heralded recital at HKU, Hewitt is returning in Fall 2018 to present the COMPLETE Well-Tempered Clavier. In two concerts, she will perform these 48 most sophisticated preludes and fugues with her signature clarity and dexterity for the Hong Kong audience. There will also be two ‘Music in Words’ talks, providing insight and context for the music.


Book I: BWV 846-869
21 SEP | FRI |  7:30PM

Book II: BWV 870-893 
23 SEP | SUN | 3PM


Music in Words with Angela Hewitt
20 SEP | THU | 6:30PM
Moderator: Prof. Daniel Chua
(In English)

Music in Words with Stephen Hung (熊韋皓) 
22 SEP | SAT | 3PM
Moderator: Prof. Chan Hing-yan
(In Cantonese)

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