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Music In Words With Alexander Scheirle

Music in Words with Alexander Scheirle

Alexander Scheirle Programme


(In English)


“When you have an orchestra with a conductor, it’s always leashed. In Orpheus, the energy that’s there doesn’t get leashed”, commented a member of Orpheus in the famous Harvard Business Review case study on leadership. Founded in 1972, the Grammy-winning orchestra has been determined to rehearse and perform without a conductor, infusing the chamber music principles of individual participation and personal responsibility to a collaborative orchestral setting.


Prior to the concert, Prof Daniel Chua will have a conversation with Orpheus’ Executive Director Mr. Alexander Scheirle about the orchestra’s unconventional performance philosophy. Mr. Scheirle will share with us how such high level of musical cohesiveness can be fostered in the ensemble where every musician is a source of inspiration.

Speaker: Alexander Scheirle, Executive Director of Orpheus Chamber Orchestra
Moderator: Prof. Daniel Chua, Chairperson, Department of Music, HKU


LG/F, Centennial Campus
The University of Hong Kong


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  • For ages 8+
  • Approximately 45 mins without intermission
  • Guests are advised to arrive punctually.
  • No latecomers will be admitted until a suitable break in the programme.
  • Programmes and artists are subject to change.

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