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Once Upon A Time In Hong Kong By Ma Ka-Fai

Once Upon A Time in Hong Kong by Ma Ka-Fai



Listening Between the Lines IV
「音樂與文學對話」系列 IV

(Narrated in Cantonese / Putonghua 以廣東話/普通話朗讀)


蕭斯達高維契 G小調鋼琴五重奏,作品五十七,第一樂章
維爾納 《夜晚》,選自給中提琴與鋼琴的兩首小曲
巴爾托克 第五號弦樂四重奏,第四樂章
拉威爾 鋼琴三重奏,第三樂章
梅格納德 小提琴奏鳴曲,作品十三,第二樂章
蕭斯達高維契 E小調第二號鋼琴三重奏,作品六十七,第三樂章
巴爾托克 第四號弦樂四重奏,第五樂章(選段)


SHOSTAKOVICH Prelude from Piano Quintet in G minor, Op. 57
VIERNE Le Soir from Two Pieces for Viola and Piano
BARTÓK Andante from String Quartet No. 5
RAVEL Passacaille: Très large from Piano Trio
MAGNARD Calme from Violin Sonata, Op. 13
SHOSTAKOVICH Largo from Piano Trio No. 2 in E minor, Op. 67
BARTÓK Allegro molto from String Quartet No. 4 (excerpt)


  1. 只要不讓別人知道
  2. You Bloody Chinese!
  3. 水鬼潭
  4. 平素音容成隔世
  5. 在抓鬼的地方見!
  6. 約定的完成
  7. 有緣遇合卜他生


「禁忌的愛情在被遺棄的土地上開出花朵,馬家輝寫出天堂,以及無間地獄。」— 張大春



Hong Kong writer Ma Ka-Fai is no stranger to fans of contemporary Chinese literature. His first novel, Once Upon A Time in Hong Kong, describes a complicated love story between a Hong Kong gangster leader and a British intelligence officer. With his public charisma, the author will present the fierce and provocative story in his own captivating voice on stage, accompanied by a performance of Shostakovich and Bartók’s works, all specially curated to intensify this unique reading-and-listening experience on loyalty and betrayal.

House Programme

朗讀 / 馬家輝 Ma Ka-Fai, narrator
音樂策劃 / 焦元溥 Yuan-Pu Chiao, music curation

李宜錦 / 小提琴 I-Ching Li, violin
鄧皓敦小提琴 Hao-Tun Teng, violin
陳猶白 / 中提琴 Jubel Chen, viola
連亦先 / 大提琴 Yi-Shien Lien, cello
王佩瑤 / 鋼琴 Pei-Yao Wang, piano


Grand Hall
Lee Shau Kee Lecture Centre
Centennial Campus
The University of Hong Kong


FREE via online registration

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  • For ages 12+ (本節目以廣東話/普通話朗讀,部分內容涉及成人議題並或有冒犯字眼,請自行斟酌。)
  • Approximately 100 minutes without intermission
  • Guests are advised to arrive punctually.
  • No latecomers will be admitted until a suitable break in the programme.
  • Programmes and artists are subject to change.

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