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Anonymity By Hu Ching-Fang

Anonymity by Hu Ching-Fang



Listening Between the Lines III
「音樂與文學對話」系列 III

(Narrated in Putonghua 以普通話朗讀)


拉威爾 F大調弦樂四重奏,第一樂章
賽辛斯 《香港繁忙時間》
浦朗克 大提琴與鋼琴奏鳴曲,第二樂章
德布西 〈月光〉,選自《貝加馬斯克組曲》
克拉克 中提琴奏鳴曲,第二樂章
戎岡 鋼琴三重奏,作品95,《夜晚悲歌》
舒伯特 A大調第13號鋼琴奏鳴曲,作品664,第二樂章
拉威爾 F大調弦樂四重奏,第二樂章
帕特 《鏡中之鏡》


RAVEL Allegro moderato from String Quartet in F major
CHASINS Rush Hour in Hong Kong
POULENC Cavatine from Sonata for Cello and Piano
DEBUSSY ‘Clair de lune’ from Suite bergamasque   
CLARKE Vivace from Sonata for Viola and Piano
JONGEN Élégie nocturnale from Piano Trio, Op. 95
Andante from Piano Sonata No. 13 in A major, D. 664
RAVEL Assez vif. très rythmé from String Quartet in F major
PÄRT Spiegel im Spiegel


  1. 那片我稱之為家的燈火
  2. 無名的人
  3. 人類的星空




“Take a look at the starry sky on a cloudless night, and you will understand the meaning of literature.” In her prose Anonymity, Taiwanese author Lolita Hu fathoms love with a subtlety in between the said and the unsaid, pursing the eternity of literature in the transitory human world. In her own gentle voice, the author will slowly unfold some of the most soul-soothing excerpts from her work, accompanied by a performance of selected chamber music by Ravel, Poulenc, and Pärt.

House Programme

朗讀/胡晴舫 Hu Ching-Fang, narrator
音樂策劃/焦元溥 Yuan-Pu Chiao, music curation

李宜錦 / 小提琴 I-Ching Li, violin
鄧皓敦 / 小提琴 Hao-Tun Teng, violin
陳猶白 / 中提琴 Jubel Chen, viola
連亦先 / 大提琴 Yi-Shien Lien, cello
王佩瑤 / 鋼琴 Pei-Yao Wang, piano


Grand Hall
Lee Shau Kee Lecture Centre
Centennial Campus
The University of Hong Kong


FREE via online registration

Photo Gallery

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  • For ages 8+
  • Approximately 100 minutes without intermission
  • Guests are advised to arrive punctually.
  • No latecomers will be admitted until a suitable break in the programme.
  • Programmes and artists are subject to change.

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