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Nate Wong

Nate Wong

Nate Wong is one of Hong Kong’s most active and spirited musicians. He is a native of HK who spent his high school and college years in the United States. He attended Berklee College of Music on a scholarship where he created a band named The Jazz Tellers who was signed to the Berklee Jazz, Label Revolution Records. The Jazz Tellers would tour to Hong Kong representing the Berklee College of Music and would set up Nate’s eventual return to Hong Kong.

Upon graduation Nate taught at a Berklee sister university in Ecuador and then returned to the United States, where he joined national touring act The Reeve’s Brothers and performed in almost every state in the US with them.

In 2014 Nate Wong returns to Hong Kong and hits the ground running in an exciting and versatile performing/band leading/composing career. Nate is a founding member of the band Nowhere Boys, which after some indie success was signed to Media Asia, and had several number one hits and awards from 903 Commercial Radio during the period. Now Nowhere Boys is managed by its own company, also founded by Nate called Now Here Records. All the while, Nate has been performing with HK’s top artistic acts such as Ted Lo, Eugene Pao, HK Philharmonic, Sammi Cheng, Hacken Lee, and Anthony Wong, and was a featured composer and artist with both the HK Sinfonietta and City Chamber Orchestra. One of Nate’s main International acts is called Dock in Absolute, a globetrotting Jazz Trio based in Europe in which Nate has performed with in Mexico, India, Russia, Korea, Japan, Ukraine, and many others.

Beyond being a performer, Nate Wong has served as music director for projects by West Kowloon Cultural District, HK Leisure and Cultural Services Department, HK Art’s Development Council, and for large scale corporate events by Quayside and Audemars Piguet. Wong is also a favourite to music direct for dance events including Step Out Studios, Hong Kong Swings, Rhythm Studios, and Swing Pocket.

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