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Angelita Li

Angelita Li

Angelita Li started her singing career in 1979, when she was singing mainly on television commercials. After backing for Beyond 1991’s Hong Kong Coliseum Debut Concert, Li left Hong Kong and spent five years in Bangkok developing her music with various jazz groups, her talent was spotted by leading Thai recording label Grammy Entertainment which signed her up for her debut English album “The Eyes of Love”.

In 1995, Li moved to Los Angeles to explore her musical boundaries further with two renowned local samba schools, Unidos de Los Angeles and Lula and the Afro Brazil, performed at Brazilian Festivals in Southern California. Armed with an ever-widening repertoire of genres that included Jazz, Brazilian, Fusion, R & B, Funk, Pop and Rock. She went on the road with some of the top bands in Los Angeles, including Top 40 favourite Soto which opened for acts such as, Latin sensation Tierra and R&B group Rose Royce, also backing up for Ricky Martin in 1998 MTV Awards in Singapore.

Li briefly returned to Hong Kong in 1996 and she recorded her debut Chinese Jazz album, “Mystery”, backed by the territory’s top jazz luminaries such as Eugene Pao and Dave Packer. In 2002, two years after Li relocated back to Hong Kong. She was invited by European jazz label Stunt to record her international debut solo album “Caminhos Cruzados” featuring Eugene Pao and Grammy winner Hans Ulrik. From there on she has worked with the myriad musicians on wide-ranging music projects and jazz festivals throughout Asia, amongst the list is Brazilian guitarist Toninho Horta, harmonica/ vibraphonist Hendrick Meurkins.

Locally Li has released several albums collaborating with various artists, such as Deluxe II, Unsung Hero, The Liverpool Story, The Chung’s Brothers, and In One Stroke. Apart from the Jazzy side, Li also has been active with local Cantopop scene involved with concerts and recording sessions as a backing vocalist/featuring artist, for renowns such as Sally Yeh, George Lam, Sandy Lam, Deanie Ip, Hins Cheung, Joey Yung, Faye Wong, Khalil Fong, Rubberband, Coco Lee, Gin Lee, Miriam Yeung, Eason Chan etc. Last couple of year Li has also been touching on guesting for Musical Theatre Projects such as Annie which she played Grace Farrell; The Passage Beyond in Concert by Actor’s Family and Hong Kong Sinfonietta; 3 Singing Bitches; Save the Last Song For You by Yat Po Singers, and Hong Kong cast for Smokey Joe’s Cafe. She is the playwright, text arranger, actress and singer for her latest project Angelita Li Sings Billie Holiday featuring Patrick Lui Jazz Orchestra as the finale for FreeSpace Jazz Festival 2020. Besides singing, Angelita also teaches Hatha Yoga and conducts sound meditation sessions, and collaborates with Jazz guitarist Teriver Cheung running an ongoing Jazz and Mindfulness series serving local communities. She has given lectures, workshops, written articles on jazz and guest hosts jazz programs for Radio Television Hong Kong.

李安琪 (Angelita Li) 於1979年開始其歌唱事業,當時她主要灌錄電視廣告歌。 1991年為本地樂隊 Beyond於香港體育館的演唱會擔任和音。其後離開香港在曼谷旅居5年,與不同類型爵士樂團體合作發展音樂事業,她的才華被泰國著名唱片公司 Grammy Entertainment發現並簽約了她的首張翻唱英文流行曲專輯 “The Eyes of Love”。

1995年移居洛杉磯,與當地兩著名的傳統桑巴樂團 (Unidos de Los Angeles和 Lula和 Afro Brazil) 合作在巴西音樂上得到進一步的探索和交流,亦於南加州的巴西音樂節演出。擁有著不斷擴張的流派劇碼,包括爵士樂、 巴西和拉丁、Fusion、R&B、Funk、流行音樂和搖滾。她與洛杉磯的一些頂級樂隊於不同國家巡回演出,包括 Top 40 酒店巡演的至愛 Soto 樂隊,曾一起為拉丁組合 Tierra 和 R&B 樂隊 Rose Royce 等作暖場,於1998年更在新加坡的 MTV 頒獎典禮上為 Ricky Martin 作和唱。

於1996年短暫回港與香港頂級爵士達人包以正和 Dave Packer 等灌錄了的首張中文爵士專輯《迷》。 2000年遷回香港,她應歐洲爵士樂唱片公司Stunt Records的邀請與格萊美獎 得主色士風手Hans Ulrik一起錄製了她的首張國際個人專輯 “Caminhos Cruzados”。此後她與無數音樂人合作,參與了亞洲地區的爵士音樂節,曾與巴西吉他手 Toninho Horta,口琴/顫音琴手 Hendrick Meurkins 合作。隨後更發行了數張專輯,其中包括 Deluxe II、Unsung Hero、Liverpool Story、Chung’s Brothers 和 In One Stroke 等。

除了爵士樂,她活躍於本港的 Canto-pop 舞台 ,為演唱會和錄製作作和唱及表演嘉賓,藝人包括林子祥、林憶蓮、葉德嫻、張敬軒、容祖兒、王菲,方大同、Rubberband、李玟、李幸倪、楊千樺和陳奕迅等等。也不時被邀請參與一些舞台音樂劇演出,其中有「演戲家族」和 「香港小交響樂團」的《一屋寶貝》、Three Singing Bitches、著名音樂劇 Annie 中飾演 Grace Farrell、由「一鋪清唱」製作的《今晚不設人頭費》,以及為港版 Smokey Joe’s Cafe 中演出。最近更為西九 Freespace 爵士音樂節與 Patrick Lui Jazz Orchestra 合作,親自執筆寫、編,演兼唱一齣新型音樂劇 “Angelita Li Sings Billie Holiday”。除了演唱外,她也有主持歌唱講座及工作坊,曾替音樂雜誌寫關於爵士樂文章,在香港電台作客主持爵士樂節目。 Angelita亦是一位哈達瑜伽導師。

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