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Music in the Time of COVID-19: ‘Music in Words’ with Daniel Chua


During this time of COVID-19, nothing is normal anymore. We can no longer present our MUSE concerts and have only been able to provide you with videos from our archives. But now, we have created brand new content for you! Two videos – Home made, Phone made, and Lone made – by our Chair Professor of Music Daniel Chua are now available online (with bilingual subtitles). These are his personal musings, improvised thoughts, something to be shared at this time of self-isolation.

面對新冠病毒,一切都變得不再一樣了。我們無法送上現場音樂,大家只能上網欣賞過往音樂會及「樂語融融」講座錄影。但現在,我們有全新影片上架了!港大音樂系主任蔡寬量教授在家中以一部電話、一部鋼琴,DIY 製作了兩段影片(雙語字幕),希望在獨處抗疫的時刻,跟大家分享並反思音樂的意義。

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